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Richard Ashcroft

Richard Ashcroft

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Richard Ashcroft tour dates 2017   

Richard Ashcroft returns to New York City - 27-03-2017

... And what a performance!!

Richard Ashcroft on WGN Radio - 27-03-2017

Listen here »

Interview with Richard Ashcroft in Vogue magazine - 27-03-2017

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Richard Ashcroft on RadioX - 16-03-2017

Richard was on the Gordon Smart show on RadioX talking and performming three songs - They Don't Own Me, Hold On and Black Lines.

Richard Ashcroft's new single Black Lines released - 16-02-2017

Black Lines was Virgin Radio's record of the week.

Richard Ashcroft on Smart on Sunday - 01-01-2017

Richard was interviewed by Gordon Smart on RadioX.

Damon Minchella on working with Richard Ashcroft - 25-12-2016

Damon Minchella (bassist for Richard Ashcroft) talked to Chris on Episode 26 of the StageLeft Podcast shortly before the Liverpool and London gigs earlier this month. Introduced as a bassist 'university, a cosmic library' (lyrics quoted from Richard's Science Of Silence), Damon went on to discuss his life and career working with Ocean Colour Scene, Paul Weller and more, and currently with Richard Ashcroft. Turns out he was born in the same hospital as Richard in Billinge, Wigan. Listen to the full fascinating interview here:

Richard Ashcroft at 02 Arena, London 09-12-2016 - AMAZING!

Richard's last gig of 2016, and his second with the Heritage Orchestra, at the 02 Arena in London. Yet another stunning performance alongside Damon Minchella, Steve Wyreman, Adam Phillips, Steve Sidelnyk and Anthony Gorry. See gigography for setlist.

Richard Ashcroft - 02 Arena, London 09-12-2016 Richard Ashcroft - 02 Arena, London 09-12-2016
photos by Adam Page

Richard Ashcroft at the Echo Arena, Liverpool 07-12-2016

Richard was once again on top form, this time at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. Backed by the Heritage Orchestra and bandmates Damon Minchella, Steve Wyreman, Adam Phillips, Steve Sidelnyk and Anthony Gorry, he delighted his fans with an amazing performance. See gigography for setlist.

Richard Ashcroft Echo Arena, Liverpool 07-12-2016Richard Ashcroft, Echo Arena, Liverpool 07-12-2016

Richard Ashcroft performed at Absolute Radio studios - 30-11-2016

Richard performed to a small audience of competition winners for this intimate Absolute Radio studio session on 30-11-2016. Broadcast on 01-12-2016, and now available in full:

Richard Ashcroft on Virgin Radio - 29-11-2016

Richard was interviewed by Edith Bowman on Virgin Radio: beginning with Oasis' Cast No Shadow (which was dedicated to Richard) then followed straight after with Lonely Soul, the 55 minute programme was interspersed with A Song For The Lovers, Everybody Needs Somebody To Hurt and Out Of My Body.

Richard Ashcroft on BBC Radio 6 Music - 24-11-2016

Richard Ashcroft on BBC Radio 6 Music on 24-11-2016Richard was interviewed on BBC Radio 6 Music on the Mark Radcliffe/Stuart Maconie show where he talked about his recent South American tour and upcoming arena gigs in Liverpool and London as well as his latest album, These People.


Listen again here »

Richard Ashcroft on RadioX - 23-11-2016

Richard Ashcroft on RadioX - Vernon Kay show 23-11-2016Richard was interviewed by Vernon Kay on radioX. When Vernon asked Richard why he never performed certain Verve songs such as Come On, he answered, "I think I've just avoided over the years the tunes I think we wrote as a collective in a way. These are the songs I wrote and arranged etc. The other ones are the ones the band wrote collectively. Yeah I wrote the lyrics and whatever, but you know Nick (McCabe) would come up with the riff or etc."


Read more and watch two short video clips here »

Richard Ashcroft performed at Corona Capital, Mexico - 19-11-2016

Richard Ashcroft - Corona Capital, Mexico 19-11-2016Richard put on another stunning performance for his Mexican fans at Corona Capital, keeping his promise from last year that he would return there. See gigography for setlist.






Out Of My Body official video released - 08-11-2016

Richard Ashcroft wowed his fans in South America - 20/22/24-10-2016

Richard performed three dates in South America - one in Santiago, Chile and two in Buenos Aires, Argentina (see gigography for setlists). His fans were delighted with his performances but Richard was more than a little upset by both the VIP enclosure and the poor equipment at Personal Festival in Buenos Aires.

He had this to say on Instagram:

"Thank you for you're love last night at the festival I wasn't happy that the real fans were put on one side and the VIP's had a big patch to themselves you are the VIP's. I seem to be one of the few musicians that still use monitors - believe it or not some stages are completely silent- everyone using in ears. That to me just ain't music and sometimes you end up with inferior equipment see you at the Gran Rex love and peace."

Despite the inferior equipment and his dismay at the VIP enclosure, he gave a top class performance which was broadcast on South American TV:

Richard Ashcroft performed three dates in Japan - 4/6/7-10-2016

Richard Ashcroft Japan Tour 2016Richard Ashcroft Japan Tour 2016 with Anthony Gorry and Damon MinchellaRichard put on a brilliant performance in Osaka on 4th October and again in Tokyo on 6th and 7th October to the delight of his fans.

See gigography for setlists.




Richard Ashcroft on talkSPORT - 22-09-2016

Richard Ashcroft on talkSPORT 2016Richard chatted and performed four songs (Lucky Man, Sonnet, You On My Mind In My Sleep and Bitter Sweet Symphony) on talkSPORT.





Exclusive interview with Richard Ashcroft on kulbritania - 14-09-2016

Read the article here »»

Richard Ashcroft on Soccer AM (Sky One) - 10-09-2016

Richard was a guest on Soccer AM and performed two songs - Hold On and They Don't Own Me. As well as chatting about his music, football and boxing, he also took part in a quiz 'All Around The World' where he had to name the nationalities of various footballers. Not surprisingly, he did exceptionally well!

Richard Ashcroft on BBC Radio 2 - 10-09-2016

Richard chatted to Dermot O'Leary on his BBC Radio 2 Saturday Sessions and performed two songs - They Don't Own Me and A Song For The Lovers.

Richard Ashcroft performed at the Jersey Live Festival - 03-09-2016

Richard Ashcroft performed at CarFest, Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire 27-08-2016

See gigography for setlist

Richard Ashcroft, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow 2016Richard Ashcroft performed at Bellahouston Park, Glasgow 26-08-2016

Richard performed as the special guest of Noel Gallagher and The High Flying Birds, and Noel dedicated The Masterplan to Richard during his headline set.

See gigography for setlist


Richard Ashcroft released new video for These People - 19-08-2016

Richard Ashcroft Cap Roig Festival Spain 2016Richard Ashcroft performed at the Cap Roig Festival, Spain 12-08-2016

See gigography for setlist






Richard Ashcroft released new video for They Don't Own Me 10-08-2016

Richard Ashcroft Lokerse Festival, Belgium 2016Richard Ashcroft performed at the Lokerse Festival, Belgium 10-08-2016

See gigography for setlist




Richard Ashcroft River Nights Switzerland 2016Richard Ashcroft performed at the River Nights Festival, Switzerland 06-08-2016

See gigography for setlist





Richard Ashcroft chooses the "Tracks Of My Years" 1-5/08-2016

Richard chose the tracks that influenced him over the years on the Ken Bruce show, BBC Radio 2.

Richard Ashcroft Tracks of My Years

Richard Ashcroft Pori Jazz Festival 2016Richard Ashcroft performed at Pori Jazz Festival, Finland - 15-07-2016

See gigography for setlist




Richard Ashcroft, They Don't Own MeRichard Ashcroft's new single They Don't Own Me out now - 04-07-2016.

Richard talked about his new single, They Don't Own Me, with Phil Clifton on Radio X on 04-07-2016.

They Don't Own Me was record of the week on both Radio X and Virgin Radio UK's breakfast show from 11-07-2016.



Richard Ashcroft on top form at the Isle of Wight Festival - 11-06-2016

Richard Ashcroft Isle of Wight 2016

Richard performed an eight song set at the Isle of Wight Festival preceding headliners The Who; opening with Out Of My Body and closing with Bitter Sweet Symphony; with the rest of the 'big four' from Urban Hymns; Break The Night With Colour and two more tracks from These People - This Is How It Feels and Hold On. The full set was broadcast on Absolute Radio and Sky Arts broadcast three tracks on 18th June on their Isle of Wight highlights show (Hold On, This Is How It Feels and Lucky Man).

Richard Ashcroft was in London filming for the video for These People - 09-06-2016

Richard Ashcroft filming These People video in London

Richard Ashcroft took over Absolute Radio for Part Two - 28-05-2016

The second part of Richard's Absolute Radio take over where he chose the songs he loves and which had an influence on his career. The songs he chose were »»

Hold On released as a digital EP - 27-05-2016

Hold On has been released as a digital EP and includes (1) the album version; (2) Mirwais RMX; (3) Brixton Angels RMX; and (4) Brixton Angels Dub. It is available to buy on iTunes, stream on spotify or listen to on Apple Music.

Richard Ashcroft performs another sell-out gig, Glasgow 27-05-2016

Richard wows the crowd at the O2 Academy, Glasgow with songs old and new.

Richard Ashcroft, O2 Academy, Glasgow 27-05-2016 Richard Ashcroft, O2 Academy, Glasgow 27-05-2016

Read review in the Daily Record »»     Setlist »»

Richard Ashcroft, These PeopleThese People reached No.3 in the UK Album Charts 27-05-2016

It was No.2 in the midweek charts, then slipped to No.3 position by the end of the week.





Richard Ashcroft at HMV, Oxford Street - 26-05-2016

Richard performed a stunning three song set (Hold On, They Don't Own Me and Lucky Man) and signed copies of These People (and everything else fans brought along!) at HMV, Oxford Street, London.

Richard Ashcroft HMV 26-05-2016 Richard Ashcroft HMV 26-05-2016 Richard Ashcroft HMV 26-05-2016
Richard Ashcroft HMV 2016 Richard Ashcroft HMV 2016 Richard Ashcroft HMV 2016

Richard Ashcroft announcement on BBC Breakfast - 24-05-2016

Richard announced on BBC Breakfast that he will be performing two dates in December with a full orchestra - the first on 7 December at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, and the second at the o2 Arena in London.

Richard Ashcroft on Radio X - track by track - 23-05-2016

Richard talked to John Kennedy on Radio X's X-posure and gave the low down on each track from These People.

THESE PEOPLE AT NO.2 IN THE MIDWEEK CHARTS! Just 100 copies behind Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman! COME ON RICHARD!
- 23-05-2016

Richard Ashcroft took over Absolute Radio 21-05-2016

Richard took over Absolute Radio for an hour from 11:00pm to play his favourite selection of songs which influenced his musical career. The songs he chose were »»

Richard Ashcroft live on BBC Radio 2 - 20-05-2016

Richard (joined by bandmates Damon Minchella, Steve Wyreman, Adam Phillips and Anthony Gorry) performed 4 songs on BBC Radio 2's Chris Evans breakfast show: A Song For The Lovers, Hold On, Lucky Man, and finishing with a stripped down version of Prince's Little Red Corvette. At the end of the show he agreed to headline BBC's Children In Need CarFest which takes place 29-30 July (Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire) and 26-28 August (Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire). Richard will perform on 27 August.

Richard Ashcroft Chris Evans Show 20-05-2016

Richard Ashcroft's These People OUT NOW! - 20-05-2016

Richard Ashcroft, These People

Richard Ashcroft's These People, released on his Righteous Phonographic Association label via Cooking Vinyl Records, was released on 20 May 2016. Available on cd, limited edition blue vinyl and standard black vinyl and also as a download. Official store » --- 7Digital »

Tracklisting and more info on the discography »»



Richard Ashcroft interviewed on BBC Radio5 Live - 19-05-2016

Richard gave a 17 minute interview on Radio5 Live's 'Afternoon Edition', interspersed with tracks from These People.


Richard Ashcroft, Roundhouse, London 2016 Richard Ashcroft was on top form at the London Roundhouse, opening with Out Of My Body, and performing five new tracks from These People to a rapturous crowd. He also performed hits from Urban Hymns and his previous solo albums, with extended jams on Music Is Power, Break The Night With Colour, New York and Lonely Soul to the delight of his fans. He was joined onstage by Steve Sidelnyk on drums, Damon Minchella on bass guitar, Steve Wyreman and Adam Phillips on guitars and Anthony Gorry on Keyboards. He finished the 1 hour 50 min set with Bitter Sweet Symphony with the crowd more than happy to sing along with him. Well done Richard, and thank you for a great night, keep it up! Review at The Upcoming here »

For setlist see gigography page


Richard kicks off his These People tour with a triumphant gig at the Albert Hall in Manchester.

Richard Ashcroft, Albert Hall, Manchester 2016Richard Ashcroft, Albert Hall, Manchester 2016

Read review at the Manchester Evening News here »»    Setlist »

Richard Ashcroft's These People - BBC Radio 2's album of the week

A track from These People was played every night on BBC Radio 2 on the 'After Midnight' show.

Richard Ashcroft's title track, These People premiered - 13-05-2016

The title track from Richard's forthcoming album These People was premiered on Radio X on the Vernon Kay show during a 30 min interview.

Richard Ashcroft appeared on Paris radio & TV - 5/6-05-2016

Richard appeared on Paris radio station RTL2 on 5 May and TV show 'C à vous, la suite' on 6 May.

Richard Ashcroft playing Lucky Man to two kids - 01-05-2016

Richard Ashcroft performed on BBC Radio 2 - 21-04-2016

Richard performed a live acoustic session (joined by Damon Minchella and Steve Sidelnyk) on the Jo Whiley show - BBC Radio 2, to promote his forthcoming album These People. The interview began with a tribute to Prince, who's tragic death was announced ealier that day. Richard started his four song set with the first single from his forthcoming album, This Is How It Feels (which sounded amazing - listen below) and added some lyrics from Prince's 'Purple Rain' at the end as a tribute. He then went on to perform Hold On, the second single from his album, followed by Lucky Man. He finished with Bitter Sweet Symphony, using lyrics from Prince's 'Manic Monday' and '1999' for the first verse.

This Is How It Feels - Acoustic, BBC Radio 2

Richard Ashcroft interview on BBC6 Music - 20-04-2016

Richard Ashcroft interview with Steve Lamacq on BBC6 Music 20-04-2016 Richard was interviewed by Steve Lamacq on BBC6 Music, and clips of four tracks from These People were aired. Two very short clips of They Don't Own Me and Ain't the Future So Bright and longer clips of Out Of My Body and Songs Of Experience.



Richard Ashcroft Interview - The British Masters - 18-04-2016

Noisey's host, John Doran interviews Richard Ashcroft as part of the British Masters documentary series.

Hold On Mirwais RMX

Richard Ashcroft's New single Hold On premiered - 15-04-2016

Hold On premiered on BBC Radio 2 and Radio X on 15 April. Available to download on iTunes.

Richard Ashcroft tour dates 2016

Richard Ashcroft nme article 2016

<--- click to read full NME interview!




Richard Ashcroft interviewed on BBC6 Music - 29-02-2016

A 13 minute interview aired on the Steve Lamacq show on BBC6 Music followed by Richard's new single, This Is How It Feels.

Richard Ashcroft's new single premiered on Radio X - 22-02-2016

'This Is How It Feels', the new single from Richard's forthcoming album 'These People' was aired on Radio X today Monday 22 Feb on the Chris Moyles show. This was followed by an interview with Richard on the Vernon Kay show. You can listen to the interview here: radio x »

Richard Ashcroft's autumn tour 2015

Richard had three successful tour dates this autumn performing acoustic sets at:

Zermatt Unplugged in Zurich, Switzerland on 22 October Setlist »

The BIME Live festival in the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC), Barakaldo, Spain on 31 October Setlist »

Corona Capital in Mexico City on 22 November Setlist »

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