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Richard Ashcroft

Richard Ashcroft

Special thanks go to ...

Hans (where are you now?) Kalisvaart for kick-starting the website's first incarnation and inspiring me to learn more by laughing at my early mistakes!

Simone Minghinelli for his substantial help bringing news and information. ('Mingo is Amazing!')

Jutta Schandel for her tremendous help in transcribing lyrics ..and to others on the friendly forum for helping with lyrics, especially 'Gz_' [Pablo Rodriguez].

Friendly Forum Moderators - 'This Is Music' [Jutta], 'Windinthewillows' [Svenja], 'Pablo' [Paul], 'Spacey' [Ste], and 'Frontman' [Simon], for helping to keep the 'Friendly Forum' friendly!

Kay Osborn and Ilya Konyushenko for their help with the gigography dates.

Lastly, thanks to many others on the 'friendly forum' (notably 'Dago' [Kay] and 'Duncan' for bootleg finding) and the many more (too many to mention) who bring news and information, or just give me the encouragement to keep going...


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